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[ skono ] liberty low leaf yellow

so, as expected, i've been shopping quite a bit here in korea. i can't help it. there's just so much awesomeness here that i would never be able to find in the states. and, as i'm a shopaholic, being in korea is heaven. though it's admittedly dangerous for my wallet.

i don't know if shoes are my absolute favoritest thing to shop for but i will say that i am super drawn to shoe shopping for some reason. i've bought so many shoes since coming here, it's ridiculous. but i can't help it! and, despite being in korea - aka the former land of the high heel, i can't stop looking at canvas sneakers. which is stupid because it's pretty much monsoon season. so worst shoe choice for the weather. but alas.

i bought these yellow shoes from skono. they have some pretty awesome designs. i'm a tad bit obsessed. i want the grey shoes below too... which are not canvas and thus would serve me well in monsoon rains. but i know i shouldnt....

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liberty low leaf yellow: click
skono - korea: click
skono - world: click

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