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[ dongwook lee ] old king

old king | 2008 | 4 x 6 x 14 cm

i took a korean aesthetics class in 2008 when i was studying abroad at ewha womans university. and i loved my professor and the subject matter. the development of korean art is so interesting. im going to have to find my notes from that class one day so i can blog about all the awesome artists we talked about.

in the meantime, however, i randomly happened upon one of the artists when i was browsing around interwebs. dongwook lee does mixed media sculptures. and they're super small but suuuuper detailed. and very.... uncomfortable/creepy/grotesque. he mixes realism with surrealism... and a bit of humour. i remember when our professor was showing us slides of his work and i was blown away by how intricate it all was. the man definitely has some serious talent. and a definite vision for his work.

clockwise from top left: extinction - 2004 - 16x6x12, green giant - 2003 - 15x8x8, installation view at arario gallery

also, if you like these works by dongwook lee, check out xooang choi's work here.

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dongwook lee - arario: click
dongwook lee - union: click

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