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[ 42-2 ] earrings

when me, jen unnz, and umma gom were having our lil walk around 인사동/insadong on sunday, we ran into this delightful little jewelry store. and everything was handmade and their workshop was right there in the shop. it was too cute! i bought button earrings for myself - mix and match so i have a yellow and a blue one. but i loved the quirky owl and little cake earrings above! too cute/quirky. and the fact that they're all handmade meant they were all slightly different.

i'd say check out the website for more awesomeness but the site is a bit bare. in fact, im not really feeling the jewelry featured on the site. but still, check it out anyway! and if you're ever in 인사동/insadong, DEFINITELY visit their shop, ok? ^^

btw even the name of the shop (in korean) is adorable. it roughly translates to "fourty-two and two again" ~ cute, huh?

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