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[ kwon kyung yup ] bleached memory I

came across these paintings by kwon kyung yup (권경엽) and im impressed. and super essited. why? because she uses the same painting method as me... to an extent. according to an interview for yatzer, she takes the picture first and then paints from the picture. which is how i painted the figure in my last painting. so i think thats pretty awesome!

her work makes me feel uncomfortable... but in a way that i appreciate. and in a way that i think its meant to. hospital-type things always make me cringe a bit, but moreso than that the real expression apparent on the subjects' faces (and in their eyes) is something familiar to anyone whose been through difficulties. ricardo hernandez, of yatzer, put it this way:
The subject's skin tone looks weak, the expression of the eyes speak to their exhaustion and the white bandage shows the trauma, physical or emotional.
couldnt have said it better meself!

from left to right: adios, tearful

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kwon kyung yup: click
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