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[ soop ] city farm acrylic rings

finally getting around to blogging about this great find! i've known about this specific product for quite some time but didn't quite have the time to share it with you. but here i am, ready to show off these awesome acrylic rings by soop.

first of all, soop is a multi-disciplinary design company, mostly designing home products such as furniture and dinnerware. you must check out their product design on their website. it's all very fun and whimsical. and what's extra cool is that i had NO idea they did all that good stuff because i found out about these rings by way of popdeluxe.

when i saw the city farm (and enchanted forest) acrylic rings, i knew i had to have one... or two. i mean, i'm a total sucker for acrylic rings and rings in general, so i couldn't resist. and i had to buy wifay choi and amberita one each as well because i bought them the oh-so-popular diamond acrylic rings for christmas. and, in my brain, the two would go so well together. wifay choi got the pink piggie and amberita got the black sheep. for myself, i got the bunny and the foxy.

and how do i wear my rings, you may wonder? just like this:

black belt ring (korea), fox city farm ring (soop), diamond acrylic ring (amt)

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