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[ 6 picks ] cleaaarly!

this weekend's supposed to be 50-55 and suuuuper sunny. which would be a NICE change from the crazy weather we've had this winter. last night, driving home from college park, i literally drove through a rainstorm, a windstorm, a snowstorm, and a sleetstorm. all on I-95. wtfreak.

so, since we could all use some clear skies and sunshine, i thought i'd pick six clearly delightful picks for today.

hydration vessel: streamlined reusable water bottle
by kor's at a+r store
[ except i hate water so i'd fill this w/ tea haha ]

colorplate 19, waterdrops series: oil & sand on canvas
[ i remember seeing this at a gallery in seoul! so realistic ] 

diamond acrylic ring: mix & match!
by AMT
[ i have four (READ: FOUR) of these <3 i LOVE them ]

formula chair: made of eco-resin
by miso soup design
[ resin is sucha cool/fun design material! ]

clear pu trench coat: clear raincoat!
by topshop
[ could be really cute w/ bright colors underneath ]

by zenartglass
[ this piece is so fluid ]

[ links ]
hydration vessel: click
kim tschang-yeul, waterdrops: click 
diamond acrylic ring: click
formula chair: click
clear pu trench coat: click
glass borosilicate octopus: click

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