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[ rebecca ward ] love letters earrings

got back from cali last night. i figured i could've blogged as soon as i got home but i was in a mood. so i popped in pride & prejudice (the keira knightley one) and fell asleep watching that. the music is pretty much phenomenal. as is the cinematography. so that was a nice relaxing thing to do.

cali, by the way, was amazing. because i got to see timofy. and laumuffin and j.diddy and p.oh and daibhidh oppa (haha) and etcetc. and we did a LOT. home base was irvine but we hit up san diego, carlsbad, huntington beach, laguna beach, LA (ktown woooh!), and moreeee. and we got to bother timofy all day long. and make "that's what she said" jokes all day long too.

anywho, i didn't take my laptop with me so all the tweeting and such was on my handy dandy cell phone. i thot i'd SUPER miss my computer but, actually, it was liberating and sorta freeing. in fact, when i got home last night, i checked email and then ignored my computer for the rest of the night.

in lieu of my computer-less-ness, here are some computer-ful jewelry pieces by rebecca ward. very interesting. i think the heart earrings are absolutely adorable. but i think my fave is the shift+y necklace below (center). shifty. meeheehee.

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