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[ amy sol ] alice, the rabbit, and the caterpillar

"alice, the rabbit, and the caterpillar" | graphite, ink on watercolor paper | 2010

it seems that alice in wonderland has gone above and beyond in its influence in the art world this year. many people were pretty disappointed with the movie (they expected darker, but hey it was rated PG). i personally loved it. and that is probably because, as an artist, i was blown away by the aesthetics of the film. it was so.... LOVELY. and quirky. and odd. and well-done. bravo.

and erise, always mistaken for alice ("like alice in wonderland, right?") in korea, is now OFFICIALLY in the area. so i'm gonna go kidnap her tomorrow from her place in alexandria so that we can go on a nrb marathon. and eat sam gyup sal. and ddongchi the world w/ fellow ddongchi-er wifay choi. and eat some more. and ddongchi some more. and sing some more. life is good.

amy sol has an amazing style. it looks like digital art to me. except its not. its acrylic. which makes it that much more interesting. i ruv!

from left to right: migration, nestling night

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