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[ 6 picks ] a time for everything

in less than 12 hours, wifay choi and i will be on our wayyy to irvine. i know i keep talking about it but it's gonna be a great few days to get away and see our grampa holmes aka timofy. wooooh!

and speaking of time, i'm spending my time sitting here blogging rather than packing. i figured i owe you guys another blog entry before i head off to the west coast. i don't think i'll be taking my laptop with me, you see. and so, blogging would be a bit difficult. i promise to make it up by blogging extra when i get back - as i've found lots of great stuff to share!!

so, as time is a-ticking, without further ado, here are my timeless (mwahaha i so clever) picks:

grandfather clock: illustration
by rebecca aldridge
[ oooo simplicity!!! plus its a grandpa, like timofy hahah <3 ]

normal wristwatch: stainless steel/leather watch
by ross mcbride
[ like i said before, i love the way this man's mind works ]

music time: wallet
by dan goodsell for tinymeat
[ i've always loved these comics! ]

men's pocketwatch: v-neck t-shirt
by ashton michael
[ pocketwatches make me think of monocles and i love those ]

illustrative "pit pit": wall clock
by valerydesignwrks
[ cute birdiez! ]

5 minute candles: matchbook-style
by zinoo park
[ cute idea and these guys have an awesome portfolio too! ]

[ links ]
grandfather clock: click
normal wristwatch: click
music time wallet: click
men's pocketwatch t-shirt: click
"pit pit" wall clock: click
5 minute candles: click

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