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[ tania et vincent ] macarons

macaron plates

alisonita recently introduced me to a super cute food blog. i was looking through the posts yesterday and - man - i wish i had my own place with my own kitchen so i could bake/cook yummiez anytime i want. i miss cooking and baking. and my last apartment's oven was so scary (it was super old) that we were a bit wary of ever actually using it. so it's been a really long time since i've baked anything. someday i'll be able to cook and bake to my heart's content tho. so i guess, for now, i'll just stare at adorable pictures of macaroons and pancake lollipops.

and i'll also stare at these pixelated macaron plates and wall stickers by photography duo tania et vincent, too. they look like they'd be super nintendo-style super mario's favorite dessert. after a long day, in which mario saves the princess for the 20,000th time, he can just sit his mustache down and chow on some fluffy, buttery pastry delight.

macaron wall stickers

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