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[ catherine ryan ] the bedroom

the bedroom | charcoal & acrylic on paper | 47" x 46"

sometimes i feel like i live in only my bedroom. like its a tiny studio apartment (not too tiny, i suppose) with no bathroom attached. i can't seem to be comfy anywhere else in the house. my room is the only personal space i have. i guess that's normal (or weird?). maybe it's just the way someone feels after living on their own for awhile and then moving back home.

either way, i do love my room - even when i feel hemmed into it. it's a sanctuary, of sorts. and "the bedroom" by catherine ryan is a strangely attractive one. i love how she blends charcoal with acrylic, giving her pieces spot color. and i love her subject matter - it's somewhat off-balance, pulling you in to try to understand what or why or how.

clockwise from top left: practice, wolves, black cat, in wait, lion with three

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