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[ 6 picks ] stripey

when i first moved into this house 5 years ago, i was not a happy camper. i was a high school senior, but moving to a different county. luckily, i didn't have to switch schools but i still had to "commute" up 29 (our local highway). and what should've been a 20min drive always became closer 40 because of traffic. and oh, how i LOATHE traffic.

the day we moved in, to make myself feel better (and to avoid going nuts), i painted my room. it was this hideously tacky green. i don't even know how to describe what kind of green. but trust me it was bad. so i went to home depot and picked out my paints. all the walls are an offwhite leaning towards pink except for one wall, which i painted in mango and a-bit-darker-than-bubblegum pink stripes. yummz.

for my 6 picks today, i've compiled six stripey goodies for you~ woohoo!

seeelephant: digital illustration
by linn olofsdotter
[ i love that the woman sprouts from the elephant trunk ]

stripe rose: t-shirt
by topshop
[ definitely feelin' the colors/shape of this ]

dress for dinner: faux tie napkins
at the spoon sisters
[ this is too fun/funny/cute ]

by wayne pate
[ his work is quirkily fun ]

by modcloth
[ polar bears are cool, esp. when they wear bowties & glasses ]

le solitaire: blue satchet
by fric de mentol
[ and its filled w/ lavender = <3 ]

[ links ]
seeelephant: click
stripe rose tee: click
dress for dinner napkins: click
the better to see you with: click
cooler bear mug: click
le solitaire satchet: click

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