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[ random objects ] CMYK t-shirt

the other night me and dubz were watching korean tv at baden in annandale. i cant even remember which music show it was but after school was performing their latest single "bang!" or after school's "bang!" music video was on and i was just drunk and can't quite remember... which actually, i think that's what it was haha. so yeah, one of the girls in after school had FUMONGO hands. like.... fuge. and it made me think of that scene in avatar where the girl avatar (neytiri) is holding the human jake sully in her arms. and she was just SO much bigger than him... it was kinda funny even though it was supposed to be a poignant moment.

so, avatar recently came out on dvd. but i can't imagine watching it if it's not in 3D. then again, im sure i'll still love it and watch it a kajillion times and learn how to speak na'vi. but the awesomeness of 3D movies reminds me of this t-shirt. again with the CMYK, i know, but i just cant stay awayyy. but, because the C, M, Y, and K are slightly off, it makes it look 3D-movie-esque. love this quote on the website:
(No 3D glasses needed for this shirt... this is the actual print!)

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