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[ 6 picks ] cyan - magenta - yellow - key

what does that stand for?? CMYK! aka the color model of print design. aka my best friend and worst enemy? haha maybe. but i actually became a graphic design major (well studio art major with a concentration in design) because of magazine layouts, which is what i thought i wanted to do. which is all about CMYK.

see, i started out at the university of maryland in the journalism school. i took two semesters of classes and was like EFF THIS. i just realized, as much as i love fiction or novel-style non-fiction writing, i'm just not trying to write about gov't/politics all day long. maryland's journalism school is awesomeness but it just wasn't for me.
so i switched majors to studio art only for the graphic design classes (of which there were -count them- FOUR). but i had to take lots of other classes (drawing, 3D art, etc.) to apply for the design concentration. and then i realized - wait i can draw! i can paint! i am artistic?! yup, i had no idea until sophomore year of college hahaha =_=

in any case, i didn't get to learn web design nearly as much as i would have liked! so my designing abilities are sort of limited to CMYK capabilities. i'm really good w/ html though~ i had my first website on angelfire at the age of 12. and i did that one website for my computer graphics class too. so maybe RGB and i will become good friends someday? haha only time will tell...

cmyk necklace: different designs
by lola&bailey
[ makes me think of transformers for some reason ! haha ]

graphic design mug: "i'm having a bad day"
by argon design at cafe press
[ designers know why a registration mark like that = bad day haha ]

cmyk: digital art
by artisticmind on deviantart
[ love the different textures within the piece ]

cmyk shade: lampshades
by soner ozenc
[ can't you see these four in a row at a design studio somewhere?? <3 ] 

 cmyk cube: mixed media on 12" x 12" canvas
by famous when dead on society6
[ this work has that children's-cartoon-gone-slightly-wrong style that i love ]

cmyk?: t-shirt
by master control at design by humans
[ as a designer, my favorite part is the ? but it's all quite dandy! ]

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