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[ 6 picks ] spiraling out of contro'

today was humid/sticky grossness. even worse was that it was humid IN the office. and all the dust and pollen was just hanging in the air kicking my butt. so i was not a happy camper. i did finally go to the doctor and got some prescriptions for allergy meds. and, though i don't feel all the way better, my sinuses seem to have deflated a bit!

however, my hair has not deflated at all. in fact, even though it isn't raining anymore, the humidity is enough that my hair is sticking straight up. and i was feeling to sick to try to fix it hahaha. i probably looked a dang mess when i walked into the doctor's office. didn't stop a cute lil baby from smiling at me. though maybe he thought i was a clown?

here are my 6 curlicue, spiral-y picks!

curly hair: digital illustration
by sabrina eras
[ that's pretty much how my hair looks if i don't blowdry it... on any given day ]

alphabet: t-shirt
by random objects
[ that curly "F" makes me really happy ]

by sidney pink at poketo
[ cute not-so-little octopus ]

at modcloth
[ omg i WANT this! perfect summery dress ]

tie loop: solid brass ring
by bbjud
[ simple enough to be an everyday ring ]

by phay halsackda
[ honestly, this sorta grosses me out but im totally intrigued all the same ]
[ links ]
curly hair, illustration: click
alphabet, t-shirt: click
unarmed and unagitated, wallet: click
feeling loopy, dress: click
tie loop, ring: click
bigoli shade, lamp: click

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