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[ pinecone+chickadee ] tiger t-shirt

in korea, there's this phenomenon called "the couple tee." what is it? basically, you'll see couples walking around wearing the same t-shirt. sometimes they go as far as the same outfit. and sometimes, just sometimes, you'll see an entire family wearing the same outfit. one time, i saw a mom, dad, daughter, and son wearing blue polos, jeans, and white tennis shoes. seriously.

walking around in the 이대 (edae) area is even crazier. it's an all women's university so there's lots of cutesy stuff in that area, of course. and there's even an entire store dedicated to couple gear: t-shirts, hats, phone charms, etc.

as it's both the year of the tiger and i'm heading to korea soon, these t-shirts by pinecone+chickadee are perfect blogging material. they have a bunch of other cute tee's - but the men's are definitely more interesting and fun than the women's (see below).

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tiger t-shirt: mens & womens
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