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[ alex varanese ] my life as a teenage asymptote

my life as a teenage asymptote | 18" x 24"

is it totally weird that i loved ap calculus when i was in high school? doing derivatives and integrals was so fun for me for some effed up reason. HAHA im not kidding because one night, we were out at a korean bar and i literally started doing calculus on the paper placemat. gross, i know.

but, you know, i TOTALLY forgot about asymptotes til i saw the title of this piece by alex varanese. it is SO uncomfortable for me to look at. it literally hurts my eyes to look at it. which is why i think it's AMAZING! and check out some of the other pieces from his pavement loop series below.

from left to right: this actually used to sorta make sense, my favorite kinds of mistakes

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pavement loop series: click
alex varanese: click

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