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[ jen stark ] burst

burst / 12" x 12" x 3" / hand-cut paper / 2007

all day it was supposed to thunderstorm so it was uber humid. but of course it didn't thunderstorm and it's just sticky nasty gross outside. i think it was 90 degrees when i left work (at 5pm). ridiculous! and on my drive home, the sun was especially bright with sharp sunbeams that felt like they were poking my eye out. grr.

the paper sculpture above looks like it could poke my eye out too. but maybe i wouldn't mind so much cus LOOK AT IT. it's just so cool. jen stark's hand-cut paper sculptures are super impressive. i cant even fathom how she has the patience to do that cus  - like i've mentioned before - 3D design/art is not my forte. kudos to the artist!

clockwise from top left: alpha and omega, purple, double take, spectral zenith, eureka, mold study

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