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[ charmaine olivia ] 50 states series - california

in a couple weeks, wifay choi, dubz, and i are gonna be heading west to visit timfer. we booked our tickets and everything. it's been YEARS since i've been to cali. i used to go every year or every other year to visit my cousin shishini (not her real name hahaha like every other name i mention in here) but it's been quite some time since i've been able to make the trip. the last time i was in cali, i was in the san fran airport for a layover on the way to seoul... which totally doesn't even count! it'll be nice to go lounge on the beach all day and be a fuge bum.

i've totally done a post on charmaine olivia before. she is SO freakin' talented. i absolutely love her style. and ever since i saw on society 6 that she's going to be doing a 50 states series, i kept checking back until there were at least 3 pieces i could share with you guys! and here they are! california, nevada, and ohio. she's going to keep doing these illustrations (using photoshop btw!) until she's done the whole US. woohoo!!! can't wait to see maryland and dc!

[ links ]
50 states series: click
on society 6: click

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