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[ charmaine olivia ] headache


my sinuses have been kicking my booty these days. yesterday i went out and bought 3 different medicines. the thing is, i guess sinus problems are all allergy-related? but i don't have the "regular" allergy symptoms. like runny nose, watery eyes, sneezy, itchy. if pollen flies directly into my eyes, yes my eyes will feel gritty and raw for the rest of the day. but it has to be that direct. and i'll sneeze a couple times a day but that's whatever. my problem is just that my sinuses get so bad that i'm always tired/woozy. so i can't use claritin or any of those allergy meds. i bought sudafed and tylenol for sinuses. plus mucinex. so we'll see if it works out.

the above painting by charmaine olivia is BEAUTIFUL. the colors are great and i sort of love that her hair is white. and it's aptly titled "headache." fits right in with my sinus headachy self!

her drawings are awesome too (see below).

left to right: arrows, boat shoulder pads

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1 comment:

K said...

sahar, i really do LOVE all your finds!! would love to see more of your artwork, if you have any!! i bet you are JUST as talented!!

and, yes... my allergies are exponentially more HORRIBLE this year than they were last year, but i heard that the pollen level has been significantly high ALL OVER, so at least i know it's not just me and my failure of an immune system. LOL.

happy wednesday!