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[ 6 picks ] the art of paper-folding

in high school, we all used to have the pretty, colorful paper. and we'd sit around and fold them into little stars or little cranes or little flowers or whatever. i was a crane-making master. there was something oddly satisfying about filling up a little jar or container full of origami.

lately, i've been seeing a lot of paper folding art/design pieces that i think are preeeetty cool (see illustration on bottom right of my last post). in lieu of that, i've picked six paper-folding awesomes for you to enjoy! so start enjoying!

fold loud: play music by folding origami
by jooyoun
[ new dj mixing equipment?? haha click here for the video w/ sound ]

paper plane: illustration
 by eveline tarunadjaj
[ watch your back ]

paper crane brooch: felt (also available in paper plane)
by dena drake
[ cutest thang evar! i'd wear it on a blazer lapel ]

by random objects
[ wifay choi will hate this one... but i like the picture in the shape = nice! ]

sky series cards: screenprint + letterpress
by seraph
[ oh the whimsy... ]

origami sticky notes: post-its with flair
by the curiosity shoppe
[ wouldnt this be a cute way to leave notes for ppl?? <3 ]

[ links ]
fold loud: click
paper plane, illustration: click
paper crane brooch: click
origami pigeon: click
sky series cards: click
origami sticky notes: click

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