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i just discovered ross mcbride today and WOW he's got some amazing product design out there. he's got an interesting history because he started off his design career as a student in california. but after he graduated in 1985, he moved to japan and has lived there ever since! he's got a unique point of view, having an american background with japanese experience. though he worked as a graphic designer for many years, he became increasingly more interested in product/furniture design.

personally, i feel like his work is fun in a very subtle way. i could see that time table working in a corporate office as the meeting table and see it in a funky design studio as well. his work is dynamic and versatile. but its the playfullness that really caught my eye! i'd want every one of his pieces in my future-but-doesnt-yet-exist design studio and/or home.

clockwise from top left: time table, time table (alternate view), anamorphic cups, digital dali, groovewear, command sit, command sit (alternate view), groovewear (alternate view), sinking clock, anamorphic cups (alternate view)

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