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[ rachel wilson ] sea creatures series

(sea creatures #2)

it's going to be near 80 degrees today. of course i'm stuck inside working but still! i really wish our pool in the backyard was open. it's still covered for winter. and my grandpa, who is poolmaster, went to iran for a month. so it'll be closed until end of april at least. of course, it'd be way too cold to swim anyway. but the weather is turning into barbeque (cue? q? que?) BBQ weather and it'd be awesome to sit by the pool and eat hamburgers and hotdogs.

or better yet. CRAB FEAST. gosh maryland is so awesome - crabs = yummmmmm. i can't waitttt to have our first crab feast of the year. though, it better happen before i go to korea. which also better happen in general cus i still don't have any leads on jobs (boo).

i know i just showcased some of rachel wilson's work but she's got this series of sea creatures that really caught my eye. super intricate and she does so well w/ color choice/placement.

(sea creatures)

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