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[ madelaine ] the ghost's letter

(the ghost's letter)

i get a lot of inspiration from korean magazine photo shoots. they're always so innovative and artsy and beautiful. one of my favorite photo shoots is from vogue girl a couple years ago called "sudden sleep." i used one of the pictures (the girl sleeping in the bathtub) as my desktop background on my macbook for a loooong time.

when i happened upon madelaine's photography, i couldn't help but think of the "sudden sleep" photo shoot. yet..... definitely more eerie and creepy and slightly (and delightfully - if that makes sense) horrifying. i love her work! my favorite is the photograph above as well as the floating ballerina and the girl holding the teacup (below).

clockwise from top left: tragic; the fall; love, ink; serotonin crash; how i got my stutter

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