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the weather has been giving us false hope. every few days its beautiful out. low humidity. slight breeze. sunnyfull. and then, torrential downpour. biting winds. and with rain comes the ever-dreaded humidity.

a couple weekends ago, the fam tried to take a day trip to the beach. i say "tried" because it didn't quite happen. haha as in it didn't happen at all. BUT! i still think we should do a beach trip sometime. we shall see, we shall see.

the above illustration by rachel wilson makes me think of roadtripping to the beach. except minus the mountains you see up there. since... there are no mountains on the eastern shore of maryland. but the field of green nothingness is on the mark!

oh and here are some more transportation collage work by wilson. she says she was inspired by 1950s scientific mags which is awesome and is actually what i thought of when i saw her work!!

(toot, scoot) 

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Kristi said...

Fiat 500!!! I love love love those cars!