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[ peskimo + crazylabel ] monster burp

i'm a 5'2" female. and i burp like a big ole burly man. i used to not be able to burp with any sound for some reason. but then i became friends with oh-dang and her burps were so inspiring that i had to up my game. [note: she is about the same height and more petite than me, so her burps were REALLY inspiring hahaha] and i'm so weird because every time i burp, i find this need to announce it right after. which is really dumb because i burp pretty loud and i don't really need to clarify what just happened. but everytime i burp, it's followed by "i burped." just ask sharonian.

which brings me to this burp monster by peskimo teamed up with crazylabel. its me!! but. not me at the same time haha. though, i will admit some of my burps are quite monstrous.

[ links ]
monster burp blue: click
monster burp windy pops edition: click

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