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[ emory allen ] monster platypus steampunk electronic

monster - platypus steampunk electronic

i just found out about robots and monsters, a charitable art project that takes donations and gives donators a 6"x6" original artwork based on three words they provide. also, as is sort of obvious by the name, the donator can pick whether they want a monster or robot. i love the idea of this!!!! and i love monsters. and robots. and art. plus, this year, robots and monsters is supporting médecins sans frontières (aka doctors without borders) - in support of those affected by the earthquake in haiti.

the way i found out about this was during my usual online sleuthing for awesome art/design to share with you, my dear readers. i happened to look through emory allen's society 6 portfolio (he's got some AMAZINGNESS on there btw). and as soon as i saw the robots and monsters posts, i had to share. my favorite is the platypus above. i think because i have a platypus stuffed animal that i loved to death. in fact, my mom hid it from me because it was so raggedy. sad! but this platypus is kinda crazed in a most fun sort of way.

left to right: monster - quiet pirate sunlight, robot - yellow thankful happyfeet, monster - polymath labcoat jewfro

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