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[ 6 picks ] for our favorite zombie expert

yesterday was another difficult day as i went to the funeral and interment of my good friend terry. it was great, though, to hear memories from other friends of his. he was an amazing person. you could meet him once and feel like you had known him for years <3 thats just the kind of awesomeness that terry was.

i find that i often blog about things that are currently going on in my life or running through my mind. yesterday, during the mass, his friends all mentioned terry's expertise in the field zombie studies. so in response to that, i found some things i thought he'd think were awesomely zombie-tastic.

zombie orange slices: hairpins & jewelry
by kelseaechobazaar
[ terry's fave color is also orange! orange + zombies = best combo evar ]

barbara the monster: handmade doll
by artofme
[ she's a zombie monster that lives in a basement and eats bugs ]

zombies illustration: "chihuahuas are the only safe pet for a zombie"
by shybird studio
[ according to the artists, its a chihuahua's lack of brains that helps O_o ]
 zombie rollie spoolie: zombie toy made of found objects
by gary brickel
[ i love that the back of the head has a normal dude peeking out of it ]

how to speak zombie: a guide for the living
by steve mockus at urban outfitters
[ almost as cool as speaking alien ]

at threadless
[ he looks like he's bustin' a kpop move, not gonna lie... turbo anyone? ]

[ links ]
zombie orange slices: click
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zombie rollie spoolie: click
how to speak zombie: click
corporate zombie: click

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