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[ david weeks ] hanno the gorilla

hanno the gorilla

i know i mentioned earlier that i wanted to hook up my sega genesis. well, it has happened. we spent a good part of this past weekend fighting over sonic the hedgehog (ok only me and dubz fought, everyone else played civilly). i missed sega. i wanna go to one of those gaming stores and buy mortal combat - which i had never been allowed to own since i got my sega when i was 3 years old haha. and i realized that we had given a younger cousin my mickey's world of illusion game and i want it back!!! im sucha dork but i really wanted to play that game specifically for whatever reason haha.

anyways now i should go find my gameboy pocket so i can play donkey kong. which is what this gorilla figurine from a+r store reminds me of. doesn't it look like donkey kong? the picture above also looks like he's about to shimmy shake.

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