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[ 10am ] bedtime

bedtime (pillow by 10am)

i have been unbelievably exhausted this entire week from all the stressssss of the past two weeks. i think i had a lot of sleep debt too. but the last couple nights i've slept quite a bit so im feeling a lot better. though, anytime i'm at work, i wanna pass out from the boredom that is this place. i can't believe i'm still here. i wish i didn't have to be. siiiiiiiigh!

since i've spent so much time in my room the past week or two being a bum, i've been noticing lots of different pillow designs these days. because my bed itself is relatively graphic and simple, i'm really feeling this pillow by designer 10am. and below are some totes by the same designer!

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bedtime pillow: click
10am: click

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