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[ donna wilson ] handknit lambswool plush


recently, i've been in a little-kid-mood. i want to hook up my sega genesis (old schoooool!) and play sonic and mickey mouse's world of illusion (prequel to the kingdom hearts games now). and i really wanna play crash bandicoot for ps1, which i used to play with rob back when we were kids. i don't think he has his ps1 anymore though. and i REALLY wish rob still had our super nintendo (the original but in travel size) so i could play super mario 1, 2, 3. i'm in total gaming-nerd mode for whatever reason, except i haven't gotten to play any of these old school video games since back in the dayyy.

when i saw this stuffed animal, i immediately thot of crash bandicoot. but way more adorable. i love his lil zorro mask. and, wouldn't you know - i go to look at who the designer is and it's none other than ms. donna wilson, of the foxy scarves. even better! i should've known after seeing cyril the squirrel fox (below).

clockwise from top left: rosie, cyril squirrel fox, rufius, berty, ralf, rudie raccoon

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