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[ ryan snook ] stoopid bully

stoopid bully, 2009

have you ever seen that MGMT music video? the one for their song "kids" where there are all these ridiculous monsters freaking out the baby the whole time? i really love that mv (despite and  maybe because of how effed up it is). the video itself sorta reminded me of the movie little monsters, which i also loved as a child. gosh i just love creepy/scary things, don't i?

anyway, the print above sorta reminded me of the MGMT video! except less menacing. ryan snook's other work is pretty fun as well. he's got this old-meets-modern cartoon style that's nice. i also love that his personal work is him just experimenting! the two pieces below really caught my eye.

left to right: how will i ever go on?, cartoon eye

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