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[ masayuki kurokawa ] gom rubber push pin

the other night, on the way back from a partayyy, we stopped by plato's diner in cp. it's one of my favorite diners... i used to live walking distance from it when i was still in school ~ we'd go there all the time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or at 2am. if you ever go, try their mozzarella sticks (the tomato sauce = divine) and mini sliders! dubz pretty much ordered everything on the menu and nev got corned beef hash (YUM!). 

anyways, all this diner food talk is because of these deliciously oversized push pins, which look like egg yolks to me... which i used to hate when i was little... but now i LOVEEE! i always get my corned beef hash with sunny side up. m'mm!

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