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[ tara l. davis ] just a shell of a guin

(just a shell of a guin, painting)

good morning world! ok well its almost noon. gosh i suck. but i woke up expecting sunshine and instead it was a bit cloudy out. meaning i was more lethargic than usual. and btw, does anyone else feel like the weather these past few days was fall-like rather than spring-like?? its so crisp out w/ this chilly bite to the air. love it. but anyway, since today wasn't sunny like the past few~ here's some sunshine for all you maryland-ers!

this orange little guy by tracy l. davis is cute in an awkward sort of way. he's such a happy color but he looks like a deer caught in headlights. and those black dots behind him look like scorch marks - eek! eerie but still quite adorable. i love the way she modeled his little body - he looks round and 3D w/ the slight differences in color and paint thickness.

(detailed view)

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