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[ hollis brown thornton ] VHS

(vhs, originally permanent marker on paper, print at 20x200)

ok im gonna talk about alice in wonderland AGAIN. im annoying, i know! but ever since i saw the new version in IMAX 3D, i've been meaning to watch the old 1951 disney cartoon version, which i have on VHS. i havent seen it in succcch a long time, and i know that when i watch it this time, i'm going to be like OMG WTFREAK. b/c thats often my reaction when i watch old cartoons from my childhood. craziness!

above is a print by hollis brown thornton called VHS. and below are two other VHS pieces by thornton. the one on the right is permanent marker on paper but the one on the left is acrylic on canvas!

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hollis brown thornton: click
VHS at 20x200: click

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