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[ anne paso ] lovi postcards

(lovi pig - postcard)

i'm always on the lookout for cute snail-mail stationary. even though i suck at sending letters (and mail in general)... but that's mostly because we don't have a mailbox right outside our house. we have one of those mailboxes with the indivudal cubbies for each house. and i'm apparently too lazy to walk down there and mail stuff.

anyways! i still love finding lovely, quirky stationary to send notes to friends all over ze globe (one of the many awesome-ities of having studied abroad). korean stationary is absolutely wonderful. you can buy "sets" that come with stickers and stencils and loads of great stuff to add to the aesthetic appeal. but its hard to find that same type of thing in the US. 

these 3D postcards are a great way to send a letter through the mail. i'd even take to writing notes onto each panel so that the 3D forms would be full of words... it seems incredibly poetic to me somehow.

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