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(gathering of great poets, jean richardson)

this letterpress print is interestingly engaging. at first, it's almost pattern-like. and then, after a second, third, and fourth look (plus upon learning the title of the piece), it's just really fun too! it reminds me of elementary school, when we used to write everything in no.2 pencil. and how, me being the lazy bum i am, i always used the same pencil, barely sharpened, until it was almost as nub-like as these. in fact, a week or two ago, i got this random urge to start writing in pencil again. and, wouldn't you know, we actually have no.2 pencils in our storage closet at work.

sycamore street press has a cool etsy shop with loads of affordable limited edition prints. they invite emerging artists to create artwork and then print them on a vintage letterpress, as limited editions. very coool! the more i think about it, the more i feel i ought to learn letterpress and screenprinting and printmaking in general.

clockwise from top left: kawaii little folk - ikumi watanabe, apr├Ęs soubise - meredith prevot, whiskers - eva jorgensen,  i don't like the sound of this - michele brummer-everett

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