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coraline has been playing on starz or hbo or one of those channels a bunch in the last month or so. and everytime i see that it's on, i have to watch it. it's definitely a a movie i can watch over and over and over and over and overrrrrr. i mean, one of my favorite movies when i was little was tim burton's a nightmare before christmas - similary styled and similarly creepy. and, for whatever reason, when i was a kid (and now) i LOVED creepiness. i got a thrill from being scared. and weirdo movies like little monsters - that other little girl children were quite scared of - were my absolute favorites! then again, on the flip side, i was super into disney and princess movies and fairytales and the like. makes for an interesting mixture of taste, i do admit.

paola zakimi's illustrations are extremely fanciful... with a very light, breezy vibe. however, its her art dolls i want to talk about, which are quite enchanting and remind me of coraline a whole lot. they look so vintage-y and old-fashioned. but simaltaneously modern, in a way. very cool! i like how their bodies are fleshed out just so much - enough to get the picture, but not complete by any means.

i know the artist was doing a valentine's day promotion beofre... but i think she may still take custom orders on these dolls (maybe)? so you could have your very own mini-you... just like coraline had! (except, hopefully, this one won't lure you into another -very creepy- dimension). zakimi has a good hand and eye for facial expressions and other little details (the white collar peeking out of the argyle sweater, for example). it really makes them stand out.

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