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[ inspired by ] the mad hatter's boots

as you all probably already gathered, i lovedddd tim burton's alice in wonderland. i don't know how much the plot has to do with me liking it.... but as a graphic designer & artist, it was just SO pretty to look at that it made up for a maybe-subpar plot.

in any case, i especially loved the mad hatter's lace-up boots! they really appealed to me. i think i even said something about them to dubz during the movie cus i thot they were so awesome. apparently, i couldn't contain my excitement. in any case, i tried looking for a good picture to show you guys what i'm talking about. i couldn't find one but i did come across this youtube video of the mad hatter's tea party where you can catch a decent glimpse of the boots-in-question.

the minute i got home (ok not the minute i got home), i started looking for boots like his. i found a bunch but i ended up purchasing some vintage boots (#1 below) that were pretty dainty and cool! woohooooO! here are the boots i bought and some other boots i saw along my search~

1. vintage sweet pea lace-up boots | LapineOurs | chestnut-brown
2. leather boots | society for rational dress at ten over 6 | brown
3. alvira ankle boots | aldo | cognac
4. sidewinder moccasin | rachel comey at frances may | whiskey
5. we who see field boot | urban outfitters | brown
6. lace-up shoe | keller jamie at steve nalan | brown

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