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[ maurizio santucci | bomboland ] papercut illustrations

(HTBS, 2009)

as i've mentioned before, i'm quite fascinated by art that's made in ways i don't work in. like 3D art, despite being so not my thing, is still SO awesome to me. especially studying the meaning behind different pieces. the same with papercuts... i cannot cut in a straight line to save my life. in fact, any type of art involving straight lines mystifies me because I HATE STRAIGHT LINES. and they hate me too, i think. but we appreciate each other. since straight lines have a brain. ahem.

and i'm not really sure where the whole "i hate straight lines" thing came from. but really... using a ruler doesn't even help. i just really suck at drawing/cutting straight lines. i can't tell when things are straight... maybe it was from the concussions? hahaha who knows o_O

but anywho, i love the papercut illustrations by maurizio santucci (aka bombo!). his other illustrations are cool too but i am diggggggin' these because they look so 3D-elicious.

clockwise from top left: popular mechanics magazine, internazional magazine, whaleless, miami festival, nick magazine, nick magazine, atypica magazine, internazional magazine

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