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like i said, this past weekend's weather in NYC was OUT OF CONTROL. and not in a good way. so windy that sometimes i was just walking in place hoping the wind would shift to another direction so i could keep going. and on friday, me and amber were shopping and all i wanted to do was buy a hooded jacket. the one i have (and wore all weekend) was something i picked up for 20$ - not too warm, not particularly well-made, not-at-all helpful in the crazy windy rainy coldstorm we were in.

this 1/4 of a hoodie by eoncreative would've been the PERFECT thing. i could've worn one of my thicker pea coats and just worn this over top with a scarf around my neck and at least my hair would've stayed relatively dry and the wind wouldn't have found ways up/down my dress. brrrrrr~! i think i may get the yellow plaid. or the charcoal!

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