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[ 6 picks ] alice in wonderland goes down the rabbit hole

I'M SO EXCITED. (cue in 80s beat) no, but seriously - i cannot wait til tonight! "the fam" is gonna see alice in wonderland in IMAX 3D and i think we're all antsy to gooo! i've heard great things about the film. plus, if you didn't already know, i am obsessed with tim burton (ok you probably knew). but i'm sure you didn't know that i am also obsessed with johnny depp. and the two of them together... oh baby, it's magic.

in honor of our movie excursion later today, here are some art/design pieces that remind me of alice in wonderland in one way or another.

playground plate: limited edition
by emily forgot
[ an imposter mad hatter? what a lovely disguise ]

incarnation: oil on panel
by mark ryden
[ sweetly creepy... she could totally be part of wonderland ] 

her majesty marie: old maid card series
at blackbird letterpress
[ "off with her head," says the queen ]

cyclops: single-handed watch
by mr. jones watches
[ and why was the rabbit late, you might ask ]

woodland: silkscreen print, 6.5"x8.5"
by melinda josie
[ quite clearly a caterpillar's solution to most things ]

the wonder: big hot pink satin bow on black headband
by mandizzle
[ a sassy version of alice's little black bow ]

and for the white rabbit himself, check here~

[ links ]
playground plate: click
incarnation, mark ryden: click
her majesty marie: click
cyclops: click
woodland: click
the wonder: click

1 comment:

Alice said...

Woah, I can't believe I hadn't seen that Mark Ryden painting yet! So pretty!