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[ gizem vural ] boring busy life

(boring busy life)

my worst fear is to be EXTREMELY busy doing something EXTREMELY boring. aka having a job i hate. unfortunately, jobs take up 8 hours a day. which is pretty much the bulk of your day, right? i mean, if you wake up at 7 and get to work at 9, the time from 7-9 is spent getting ready for work, too! it's not like you're having a tea party (... or maybe you are...? haha). sooo, my advice to any and everyone who wants it: do something you love. don't grow old in a job you hate because -in essence- it turns into a life you hate! ya dig?

annnddd thats enough preaching. i found this digitally-made piece and i think it's lovely. and reminded me to find something i love. w/o traffic. no traffic, cus i hate that -- ughhh!

what also intrigued me about this particular artist is that the work is done on photoshop most of the time. but line/vector-based drawings (for me) are all illustrator. so kudos!! cus i always love finding people who work in different ways than i do.

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