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[ elecom ] cute USB hub

(cute 4-port USB hub)

i am the queen of g-chat. seriously, the QUEEEEEEEN. ok not really. but i'm on gchat always and forever. and i'm all about emoticons... any and all of them (try this one on gchat please: ~@~). in fact, thats my favorite thing about korean cell phones (besides how much easier it is to text in korean... and the fact that theres an interactive subway map programmed to each phone). korean cell phones have a HUGE list of cute emoticons u can insert into any text. they're all symbol/alphabet based, like the one above, so it's so convenient!

anyways, i found this really cute USB hub with emoticons on it. and i LOVE the different color options. i'd want one for sure, especially since the macbook only has 2 USB ports.

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cute 4-port usb hub: click

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