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[ clevernettle ] vintage feather hunting hat

(vintage 1950s feather hunting hat)

sorry for being late with the posts today. i was off from work and working on some freelance (literally FREElance.... haha all for my umcp link bebbehs <3) stuff. plus it was gorgeous out so i had to get out of the house and enjoy the lovely weather. especially since its supposed to rain (boo) on sunday again. enjoy the loveliness while it lastsss.

anywho, as i'm on a hat hunt these days, i'm noticing lots of fun hats that i probably have no reason to wear but want to anyway. i pretty much luuuurve this vintage hunting hat i spotted at clevernettle. its covered in feathers on top, which makes it look like a straw hat (in my opinion). its by lipman wolfe & co. and its in great vintage condition!

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