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i'm a fiend for hats. i LOVE them. i love love love love love them. and with my ridiculously-short and suddenly-curly hair, i sometimes wear a hat just to sorta...flatten the swirls and whirls out of my 'do. too bad i lost my favorite hat (a beautiful, light-weight, black bowler.... *sigh of sadness*). so im on the search for a new hat to take its place!

zara carpenter does hats and she does them oh-so-well. they're fanciful fun and make me wish i had somewhere to wear them. cus i totally would. but not in suburban american, oh nooo. i guess i'll still be on the search for a bowler replacement but, in the meantime, i'm gonna stare at these lovelies! (wouldn't they be awesome in a photo shoot??)

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