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[ freedom of creation ] street headphone

(street headphone)

ohh, the never-ending search for headphones. at this point i'm probably never gonna actually buy any but, since i'm subconsciously always thinking about it, i'm gonna keep blogging about all these coooool headphones i keep seeing hahaha. so... yeah. i'm sure this won't be my last headphones blog post.

these headphones, called street headphone, by freedom of creation are pretty darn cool, if i do say so. they are fully customizable. so the words along the band can be changed to anything you want. the point is to put your favorite artists/songs on there but i feel like it could equally work with your favorite lyrics, words, sayings, people, places, things, etc. pretty much any nouns! i like!

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Wendy said...

ooooh, i'm liking theseee.