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[ a*land ] lego jewelry

as i've already mentioned, i'm absolutely in love w/ a*land, the awesome vintagey/handemade/cool-finds store in 명동 (myeong-dong) -- which is in seoul, south korea btw. it's one of my favorite places to go shopping because theres always something new/weird/awesome to see.

here are two lego accessories i have (both purchased at a*land) that i think are absolutely delightful!

jen unnz bought and shipped me this lego ring, which is quite funny because i really regretted not buying a lego ring when i was still in korea last summer. and she didn't even know that! she just saw it and said it reminded her of me hahaha. the reason i didn't buy one myself was because all the rings i saw at a*land when i went were military/cop lego-men and they weren't quite what i wanted. this pirate, however, is perfect. because i love pirates.

this lego brooch/pin really caught my eye. there were a bunch of different colors/styles but, if you know me, you know i LOVE yellow. and hot pink. together. as in the striped wall in my room. that is yellow. and pink. rawr.

so when i saw this i had to buy it. i loved the little accessories they added to the lego piece (some lego, some not). it looks amazing pinned to a black blazer. i also bought my friend amber a lego brooch that had a squirrel hanging off of it - if i remember correctly.

yay for lego accessories. i'll have to scour the internet to find you guys some cool ones that are US-purchasable. til then, eye candy!

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