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[ undone clothing ] tape measure watch

(tape measure watch, yellow)

i recently had a wall-to-wall discussion with my friend jen (whose in seoul right now, luckyyyy!) about this shopping "market" called a*land. it's located in 명동 (myeong-dong). me and elise visited a*land a few times in the summer of 2009 because it was just THAT cool. and everytime we went, we noticed new/different things to buy. if i remember correctly, the first floor was trinkets and knick-knacks as well as clothes. the second floor was expensive clothes. the third floor was stationary, more knick-knacks, and housewares. and then the fourth floor was more thrift-shoppy. the website boasts a different layout... the it may have changed since last summer (things in seoul change every 2 minutes, no joke). but yea, i LOVE this place.

so anyway, when i saw this watch, it felt like the kind of thing you'd see at a*land in myeong-dong. handmade awesomeness. and undone clothing has some cool bows too ~ i wouldn't use them for gift-wrapping though... i'd probably where them as an accessory (pinned to my shirt or something).

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