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[ diamantini & domeniconi ] cuckoo clocks

(arcoiris cuckoo clock)

the other day i went to tutti frutti (sp?) with tim since its his favorite place in the entire state of maryland (jk). i didnt get anything tho cus i figured i'd just eat a bite or two from tims froyo (i'm not a big ice cream, cold food kind of person o_O haha) and i was quite pleased when he opted to sprinkle his froyo with fruity pebbles. best...topping...EVER!

in korea, when i'd go to red mango w/ peoplez, i always wanted one of the 5 toppings to be cereal. fruity pebbles was the best but cocoa puffs or chocolate chex were good too. and speaking of cuckoo for cocoa puffs, i found some pretty awesome cuckoo clocks at diamantini & domeniconi. [ha HA you like how i did that right?!] they're all updated versions of what a traditional cuckoo clock and each has a background story to how the concept came to be.

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Allison said...

I knew this girl from Finland who brought her cuckoo clock with her to Holland when she studied abroad - and a telephone shaped like a stiletto. She was really cool.